Building Our New JCC





March 2017 


  Wooden flooring is installed in the new gymnasium.  

February 2017 


 Tiling in the pools has been completed.  
Look at the stairs in the big pool for those of us who would rather wade in than climb!


January 2017 

Our first month of membership pre-sales exceeds projections.  Glass is installed in all the windows around the aquatics center, making it warm enough for workers to tile the bottom of the pools. Meanwhile, dry saunas are installed in the locker rooms. 



December 2016

Windows are being installed all over the building so we can "seal" everything in before the winter really
sets in. Work will continue both inside of the building and outside, weather permitting.

The pool surround is cemented. 



November 2016

 The frame for the glass corridor goes up.  Notice how beautifully the lawn came in!
The Membership trailer arrives!


October 2016

Grass seeds encased in water pods are sprayed onto our future lawn.
 The birds won't be able to get at the seeds and they will survive the winter.


September 2016

The glass hallway that will run the length of the building from the fitness center to the auditorium,
and which includes a bumped-out extension to the new lobby, takes shape.
Our parking lot and parking flow is continually refined. 


 The walkway into the new JCC is laid out.  The entire gymnasium is sheet-rocked.



August 2016

 Sheet-rock goes up on the walls of the new gymnasium.


The bottom of the pools are sealed.

 July 2016 

Workers get into deep cement as they extend the welcome area and
prepare for an accessible glass hallway running the length of the building. 


Outside of the gymnasium there will be a viewing area/lounge. 


June 2016

 The locker rooms, consultation rooms and fitness offices are laid out.
Large air conditioning units for the fitness center are hoisted into place. 


Pools will include a 16'  x 30' teaching pool (left) with adjustable floor and a 5 lane Olympic style pool.



May 2016

Inside, we began to dig the two new pools.


Our new parking lot is spacious (and there will be more parking to come!).  
A smooth sidewalk went in leading to our current space. 


April  2016

And then we ripped up the entire parking lot! 



Drone video of our project and the New  NY Bridge!

The building that will house the pools got a bright red front and even more windows.  
Then the roof went up, using large cranes.



March 2016

Aerial view of the new structures as the roof over the locker rooms is installed.

As the walls go up, large windows emerge on the south side of the pool building.
Windows will provide natural lighting to the gymnasium on the north side.


February 2016

 Work is progressing inside of 425 South Broadway. 

Our new gymnasium gets insulation and a skin.


The pool complex buildings are a work of geometric beauty!


January 2016

January 22, 2016: The south side of the parking lot is ready to reopen.  
The steel frame of the new gymnasium is taking shape on the north side of the property.  


January 16, 2016: The courtyard between the two buildings is beginning to take shape as soil and fill are moved to grade the area. The drainage system created in our old parking lot is being filled in and brought back up to grade, on it's way to restoring much needed parking spots.


January 12, 2016: HVAV units were lifted onto the rooftop of the new building.

December 2015

December 30, 2015: The foundations for the gymnasium and locker rooms are complete;
the frame for the foundation of the exterior corridor is shaping up
and the steel girders are onsite. We are ready to begin building UP!


December 2015: Main pool foundation complete; teaching pool foundation begins

December 4-7, 2015: Drainage installation comes together under future parking lot



November 2015


November 24: frame for foundation of aquatics facility is constructed
November 30, 2015: Concrete fills frame; excavation begins in parking lot


November 19, 2015: Cement truck fills footings for aquatics facility

November 13, 2015: Work begins on north driveway, preparing for construction vehicles



October 2015

October 8: Groundbreaking ceremony

September 2015

September 2015: Summer growth cleared to begin construction

March 2015

March 2015: Tree removal complete

April 2015

 April 2013: Demolition of old construction



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