JCC Board of Governers Adds New Member

Rebecca Schleifer Tapped

Published Thursday, January 30, 2014 4:10 pm

clientuploads/Home Page Tiles/Rebecca Schleifer and kids.JPGThe Board of Governors of the JCC on the Hudson voted unanimously to add Rebecca Schleifer to its roster. “We’re delighted to have another committed member willing to help lead the J in its planned transformation into a full-service community campus,” said Michael Maron, chairman.

Rebecca is no stranger to the JCC. Two of her children, ages five and four, have attended the Early Childhood Program, summer camp, gymnastics, and art classes. They loved it; she loved it, too. “We’ve never felt more at home, outside our home,” said Schleifer. 

A Dobbs Ferry resident, Rebecca owns her own Web site, Share Your Wish. With degrees in both special education and learning disabilities, she brings to the JCC’s Early Childhood Program contagious enthusiasm. Her goal: help create more opportunities for young families to become involved with the JCC on the Hudson. The general consensus from all who know her is that Ms. Schleifer will have no problem moving the needle.